Quanta Studio excels in various forms of design; whether it be graphic, industrial, service or web, our studio can help bring your dream into a reality.
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Quanta Studio helped create the name & label for Moab Distillery’s first imported spirit, and now their Mezcal.

“Born in Oaxaca, Rayo Maguey Espadín is produced using traditional Mezcal methods and has made the journey to Moab, Utah.  Produced by a third generation Maestro Mescalero, Saturnino Martínez Méndez, whose family has been producing Mezcal for over 100 years.  Created by cooking the agave in rock conical pits and then crushed by a horse-drawn “tahona”.  Eight days of open-air fermentation and then double-distilled to create a beautiful balance of smokiness with notes of citrus, maple & minerals.  Salud!”